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Frequently Asked Questions  (Lifestyle Holiday Resort)   -   Updated 12/11/2022

1 ) You advertise the lowest all inclusive rate for villas and Presidential Suites how can I verify the
      legitimacy of this claim ?
-  You can always call the resort @ (809) 970-7777 to verify ANY of our information.  Your savings
   are $10.00pp/pd per adult on all Villa and Presidential Suite bookings which  is $70.00 per adult per
   week.  Should you have 12 people in a 6 Bedroom Villa you SAVE $840.00 per week in the all inclusive
   rate alone.  Your savings are $70.00 per adult per week, how  much will you save on your next vacation
   with this discounted rate ?

2 ) I am a bit confused as to how this all works.. can you explain the pricing in detail.
-  1st you choose an accommodation type IE: Crown Villa.  The price of the 3BR Crown Villa is $190.00 per
   night or $1,195.00 per week. This is for the villa only and it is not a per person price it is a villa only price
   Lets say you have a family of 5 which consists of 2 adults and 3 children ages 12, 7 and 2.  You would
   pay the resort the all inclusive at the current rate per adult per night along with children 3-11 at a
   special reduced rate and infants under 3 are free.  Your total charges for a one week vacation are as
   follows.. Villa price is $1,195.00 for the week (payable in advance).. All Inclusive current rate per
   adult x 2 adults + 12 year old child @ adult rate + 7 year old child @ the child rate + infant - no

3 )  If I stay in a Crown Villa is the pool really private ?
-  Yes  the pool is a private pool exclusively for you.  This only means that no one else can use your pool
    and does not mean that your swimming area cannot be viewed from another villa / neighbor or street.

4 ) How will I know which Crown Villa I will receive ?
-  You would not as the resort only assigns villa #'s usually 1-2 days prior to travel.  We always request 
    the best villa available for all our guests.  

5 ) Are the Crown Villas air conditioned ? 
-  The typical Crown Villa is not centrally air conditioned.. the bedroom areas are air conditioned but the
    main living areas of the villas are not.  There are some villas which are completely air conditioned but
    there are not many.

6 ) Do the villas have ceiling fans ?
-  Most all villas have ceiling fans in the main areas as well as the bedrooms.

7 ) Can I request a Non-Smoking Villa ?
-  There are no Non-Smoking villas in the resort as they all allow smoking.  I am a Non-Smoker and I have
    never experience a villa which smells of smoke.

8 )  What is Chairman's Circle Elite and are you that type of owner ?
-  Chairman's Circle Elite  is the highest level of ownership that the resort offers. You will
   have access to the VIP areas, VIP Gourmet Restaurant, VIP World, VIP Beach, ETC...  You will be
   staying as my guest and receive Excellent Service and VIP Benefits from this resort.
   You will get invited to the VIP Parties on the resort as well.  There is no higher access for guests
   than the access that you will receive by renting from us.

9 )  Will I receive the same access in this resort as you the owner ?
-  No,  You don't receive owner benefits which differ by contract and the type of owner.  You will receive
    the highest level of Guest VIP that the resort offers automatically with all rentals. You can upgrade any
    rental to the "Gold Band" which will give you owners level guest access in the resort - this will give you
    the following additional VIP areas: Serenity Beach, Harmony Beach and Lifestyle Beach. 
    There are members who will promise you a "Gold Band", but understand that most can not offer a
    "Gold Band" unless they are present in the resort. Please remember that your rental already has the
    highest guest level VIP included at no charge for your stay. You have the most benefits given as a
    guest of a Platinum Supreme Shareholder.  You choose what works best for you "BLUE" or "GOLD". 

10)  What airports should I fly into / How long is the ride to the resort ?
-  You will only want to fly into Puerto Plata (POP)  Puerto Plata is about 1/2 Hour from the resort.  You must
   submit your airport pick-up form 14 days in advance in order to receive free transportation.
-  We never recommend that you book your flights 1st, we always suggest you wait until you have your 
    resort confirmation number in hand before you book any airfare.

11) I saw before where you offered pick-up from Santiago (STI)  is that still available ?
-  The resort no longer offers pick-up from Santiago,  however we at Your Vacation Dreams have a 
    special arrangement with the resort and we now offer you free transportation should you be staying 6+ nights
    Should your reservation be under 6 nights then there is a $125.00 charge for your round trip or one way pick-up.
    The normal charge is about $250 +/- round trip but it is now FREE with your 6+ night reservation. The ride
    is about 1 and 1/2 hours to the resort. You will have resort transportation at the airport waiting for you.
-  We never recommend that you book your flights 1st, we always suggest you wait until you have your 
    resort confirmation number before you book airfare. (Max pick-up qty is 6 adults/children with one van from Santiago)
-   Please note all airport transportation must be arranged at least 14 days in advance of your arrival date to guarantee
    your pick-up. Should you not have your forms in by that date you may need to arrange your own transportation.

12)  I am flying into Santo Domingo (SDQ) how will I get to the resort and how long is the ride ?
-  Santo Domingo is about 3 1/2+ hours from the resort via taxi service.  We have never flown into            
    the Santo Domingo airport, but we have had guests who did and used the following service             
    to get to the resort  http://www.dominicanairporttransfers.com
-  We never recommend that you book your flights 1st, we always suggest you wait until you have your 
    resort confirmation number in hand before you book any airfare.

13)  What is the price for the sit down restaurants ?
-  There is no additional fee for the sit down restaurants (VIP Gourmet, Etc...)  These are included       
    with your All-Inclusive.  Guests don't currently have access to the Azul, Saffron and Ocean restaurants.

14)  How many times can we eat at the restaurants ?  Do you have any restrictions ?
-  That answer is a bit complicated.  We don't have any restrictions with our membership, however the
    resort will limit the # of times that you can eat at any restaurant so that all members / guests have the
    opportunity to make a reservation at their favorite restaurant.  We have guests that try and eat at the 
    VIP gourmet and other restaurants more than 1 time per visit and although many can based upon
    availability and/or time of year we don't ever guarantee that you will be able to eat at any one
    restaurant more than once.

15)  Are there any other Fees ?
-  There are no hidden fees or taxes paid to YourVacationDreams, LLC or paid to the resort.

16)  Can I get a Villa on the beach
-  We can request a Villa on the beach for you.  We have the highest membership and as such your request  
    will take a priority over other guests but member requests always take priority.  We can not guarantee you
    a Villa on the beach as the resort will not guarantee one to us.  The beach front villas are in short supply.

17)  How long does the reservation process take ?
-  We usually have a confirmation number for your stay within 3-5 business days.  We will forward this
    information to you along with an airport transportation pick-up request document.

18)   Will I get a golf cart for travel throughout the resort ?
-  We can GUARANTEE you a golf cart for the duration of  your stay.  There is a small fee associated        
   with this plan. Fees are $10.00 per day or $50.00 week, any days over 7 are @ $7.00 per day.            
   **GUARANTEE** - Should you not receive a golf cart you will receive a complete refund and $25.00  
    bonus refund.   Golf carts are currently for Villas Only.  The golf cart is highly recommended as the
    resort is quite large and having the golf is very convenient for your villa rental. The resort always makes
    the final decision with golf cart availability and we can ensure you that our guests take a priority with
    golf cart distribution. Each golf carts typically seats 4, there are some larger ones that seat 6 but those
    are only used for larger villas when available.  There is a $100.00 refundable security deposit required
    to rent the golf cart, please be prepared for this as this fee is required in cash.

19)  If I book the Villa and I only have 2 people traveling will I have to share my Villa ?
-  NO the Villa is yours and yours only, only you and your traveling guests will be in the Villa.

20)  Is the $1195.00 per week fee per person ?
-  NO that fee is per Villa.  Your price is the same if you have 1 or 6 people staying in the Villa.               
   The only extra that you pay is the current all-inclusive fee for the # of people in your party per day.

21)  How do I arrange for airport pick-up upon my arrival into the resort ?
-  You don't,  airport pick-up is a service that is provided for you when you book your dream                   
   vacation conditional that you fly into Puerto Plata or Santiago. (Max pick-up is 6 adults/children in one van from Santiago)

22)  What are the fees for airport transportation ?
-  Airport pick-up from Santiago is FREE with 6+ night reservation (Max Occupancy for any Santiago Pick-Up is 6 adults/
    children and all in one van).  Reservations of 6 or less nights have a $125.00 charge for round trip or one way pick-up.
-  Airport pick-up from Puerto Plata is FREE
-  Optional Helicopter service from Puerto Plata is offered at a fee $$$
-  Please note all airport transportation must be arranged at least 14 days in advance of your arrival date to guarantee
    your FREE or paid pick-up. Should you not have your forms in by that date you may need to arrange for transportation.
-   WE ALSO DO NOT determine the time of your departure and we have NO SAY as to when you depart.  We are not able
     to change your departure time which is set by the resort.  It is not atypical to arrive to the airport 3+ hour before your
     flight departure.

23) I have read where some owners are including the limousine and the helicopter will I have that ?
-  There are some owners who will try and include the limousine or the helicopter for transportation
    to entice a sale, but you will find yourself setup for disappointment when you arrive to the airport and
    the "Guaranteed" limo or helicopter is not there for you.  The resort has a very limited number of limo's
    and only one helicopter so when an owner tells you that you are going to get this have them put it in
    writing and ask how much money you will receive back when you don't get your transportation ?
    The cost to rent  the limousine is about $350.00 each way and  the helicopter is about $300.00 
    to $500.00 each way (depending on the number of people).

24)  Is there Internet service available in the Villa / Resort
-  Most all Villas have Internet access - there is a fee associated with this service.  Internet access 
    is available at no charge at VIP World, VIP Tower, VIP Beach, NV Beach and most all VIP areas.  There
    are free computers for your use at Villa Reception as well.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DON'T PURCHASE

25)  How close is the Beach from the resort ?
-  The entire resort is located on Cofresi beach as such you will be within walking distance to the
    beach from any villa.

26)  Is there any refund policy ?
-  There is no refund for no-shows or early departures, however if you can not make your dates          
    and you notify us 60 days in advance we will do our best to reschedule your trip for you, we                
    do charge $100.00 for trip date changes.  If we can not provide you with the dates you request
    (non holiday) then I will issue you a refund of 50% of your total trip.   We also offer trip protection as
    an option.

27)  Can I get a 4, 5 or 6 bedroom villa Guaranteed ?
-   Yes as a Chairman's Circle Elite member we can guarantee 4, 5 & 6 bedroom villas.         
     You may call the resort to verify  any of our information. Should your size villa booked not be available
     for any reason the resort will provide you with qty (2) 3 Bedroom villas.

28)  Are there any laundry facilities within the Villa ?
-  No there are not any located within your villa, however the resort does offer laundry service and     
   there are laundry facilities located within th
e resort.

29)  Does the Villa have a Safe for my valuables ?
-  Yes each villa has a safe that you can rent from the VIP Check-In desk.  Cost is $20.00 per week.

30)  I have a small pet that I usually travel with, are pets welcome ?
-  Sorry there are no animals allowed, except for those assisting people with special needs.

31)  Can I have alcoholic beverages other than beer delivered to my villa / accommodation ?
-  YES, That is now a benefit that you have.  All Reservations have a special menu to order from and
    alcohol will be available for pick-up and you can take it to your accommodation.  This is at NO
    ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  This is NOT an unlimited supply and the resort will let you know what is available
    for your reservation.

32)  Does the resort offer child care ?
-  Yes the resort does offer child care and this can be arranged at any time while at the resort.

33)  Do I need to bring any type of Power Adapter to the resort when I travel there ?
-  The resort uses the same power receptacles found in the U.S.

34)  Do I need to exchange any U.S. Dollars for Dominican Pesos ?
-   No, The resort as well as all vendors that we have found take American Currency.

35)  Does the resort accept Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) for Payments for all-inclusive ?
-  Yes, The resort accepts all major credit cards for all-inclusive as well as other activities.

36)  Does the resort supply Hair Dryers and Irons for all rental accommodations ?
-  Yes, Every room type does have a Hair Dryer and Iron.

37)  What is the cost to visit Ocean World Park  (Located right next door) ?
-  All our guests in all units will receive FREE Ocean World Tickets valued at $69.00 Each.  Your ticket
   is good for 1 visit to Ocean World on any day you choose.  Just Visit VIP Customer Service for your
   FREE Ticket (located at the basement level of the VIP Tower).  You may be given other options 
   available to you for free or a great discounted rate.  Ocean World requires a 48 Hour advance notice.  The
   resort may substitute Ocean World Tickets with another day pass which will have similar value.  This is done
   at the discretion of the resort and we have absolutely no control as to which benefit will be available for your
   stay.  It's also VERY IMPORTANT to note that should you be given tickets to Ocean World and you don't visit
   the park you WILL be charged for the tickets.  Please don't waste this benefit by not using your tickets as
   your tickets are part of a daily allocation and your tickets are reserved in your name and can only be used by
   your traveling party.  Again you WILL BE CHARGED for any unused tickets by the resort.

38) What is included in the All-Inclusive Rate ?
-  This fee covers all Restaurants available to guests, VIP World, VIP Beach, NV Beach,
    VIP Sports Cafe, Premium Alcohol FREE from all guest VIP Areas,  Alcohol FREE from other non VIP areas.

39)  My contract has a different All-Inclusive Rate then what you are currently advertising, do I pay
        the new rate or my contract rate ?
-  You will always pay your contract rate, as an example lets say you booked a stay in November 2022
   and were visiting the resort in December 2023 and when you booked the all-inclusive rate was
   $130.00pp/pd and the resort raised the rate sometime in 2023 to $150.00pp/pd you still would pay the
   $130.00pp/pd since you were booked under the old rate.  We suggest that you always be aware of
   what your contract rate is (last line of your contract) and always make sure that you pay that rate
   upon check-in.

40) I have read from other owners that a BBQ is included if I stay in a villa, what is that and is it true?
-  Owners often advertise something that you will not receive to make the quick sale.  The BBQ is
   available to renters of villas at a premium price of about $130.00 per person.  The BBQ is prepared
   at your villa and it is a home cooked meal with deserts included.  It is very good but There is NO
   OWNER who can offer you this service at no charge.  Call the resort @ (809) 970-7777 to verify.

41) I have read where there are new restaurants Azul, Saffron and Ocean do I have access to them ?
-   Azul, Saffron and Ocean are currently available for members only and is not included with any package. 
    There is no member who can offer you these restaurants with their rental.  The resort deals with unhappy
    guests all too often because of members misinforming their guests.  Call the resort to verify
    @ (809) 970-7777 to be informed.

42)  Are there any areas that are currently not included with the VIP access for guests ?
-  Currently guests DO NOT have access to the following areas as these areas are for members only.
  * Serenity Beach, Harmony Beach and Lifestyle Beach unless you upgraded to the Gold Bands.
  * Azul, Saffron and Ocean Restaurant (You have access to VIP Gourmet)
  * Anja's Lounge (You have access to VIP Sports Bar / Lounge)

43) I have read where the resort has a new Hookah bar called the Spot - Can I use that ?
-  You do have access to "The Spot" which is located directly inside VIP World.  This is exclusive to
    any guests with VIP access.   

44)  I have read when I stay in a villa I can have breakfast cooked daily at the villa, is this true ?
-  Yes,  you will automatically have breakfast cooked at the villa for you daily and at NO CHARGE for this
    service.  The breakfast includes eggs, fruit, juices, meats, cheese and breads. 

45) What is the Check-In and Check-Out time for the Villas and Suites ?
-  The Check-In time is 3:00pm and the Check-Out Time is 11:00am.  Remember that your unit may not
    always be available at the above check-in time, so sit back-relax and have a drink while the resort
    prepares your room for you.

46)  Do you have any restrictions on check-in or check-out days and / or length of stay ?
-   We have no restrictions on the check-in or check-out day.  We suggest that you find the lowest price
     on your airfare and then use those dates for your check-in / check-out dates.  We offer length of stays
     from 4 nights minimum to 1 year, so any length of time in-between is acceptable.  You stay will be
     pro-rated based upon the amount of time you choose.  We find that flights are generally cheaper if you
     travel mid week from Tuesday - Thursday.

47)  Does the resort offer a crib and/or a high chare for my child ?
-  Yes, the resort offers cribs and high chairs.  We will make a note on your reservation and you may also
    obtain either form VIP Guest Services.

48)  I would like to know a phone number where I can reach the resort ?
-  The main phone number to the resort is (809) 970-7777, there is also an alternate # on your contract.

49)  What is the climate at the resort ?
-  The annual average temp in the Dominican is 77 degrees.  The temp can range from 75-90 during the 
    winter months and 80-95 during the summer months.

50)  What is the process to book my vacation ?
-  To book any vacation rental with us we simply need your Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Telephone #(s)
    and the unit being booked.  We will send you out a rental contract that will have all the necessary
    information needed to complete your rental.  Reservations are usually complete in 3-5 days.

51)  Do you require payment in full to make my reservation ?
-  We don't require full payment to make your reservation, you can choose our 50% payment option which
    will guarantee your accommodations.  Your final payment of 50% is due 30 days in advance of your 
    travel dates for all non-holiday reservations and 60 days in advance for all holiday travel dates.  

52)  Is the water safe to drink on the resort ?
-  No, the water is not safe to drink on the resort or anywhere on the island.  There are some guests who
   will use bottled water (provided) to brush their teeth.  All the ice and water at the bars are from a water
   company and they are safe to drink.

53)  Do you need a passport to travel to the Dominican Republic ?
-  Yes a passport is required to visit the Dominican Republic.  All guests regardless of age require a
   passport -- this means everyone.  Children including infants require a passport for travel.

54) How can I guarantee the quality or the view of the unit that I rent from you.
-  Unfortunately you can't as the resort makes absolutely no guarantees to us.  We have the highest level
   membership the resort offers and we always do our best to ensure your satisfaction. There is no way to
   ensure any room placement and nor can any member make this guarantee to you

55) I have a membership with Lifestyle but can't get the accommodations I need, can I rent from you ?
-   Unfortunately you can't - the resort policy is that we DO NOT rent to existing members and so if you have
    rented from us and the resort finds out you are a member you will be stripped of ALL VIP benefits that we
    have extended to you under our membership.  You will receive absolutely NO COMPENSATION should 
    you be stripped of all benefits by the resort.  We highly recommend that you use your own membership
    with the resort to book any accommodations.

56) Are the any fee's to change or modify my reservation ?
 Yes, There is a $100.00 fee to change any reservation, add any feature, change the quantity of people
    Traveling on your reservation, Etc.... Should you for instance change the dates and wish to add the 
    golf cart that is 2 changes and the fee would be $200.00. We always recommend that you ensure the
    information given to us is accurate so you can avoid any change fee.

57) Do I have to attend a "Sales Pitch"
-  You do not... you may be approached by a staff member asking you if you would like a "Tour" of the resort
   and this is the "Sales Pitch" .. So if you have no desire for a "Sales Pitch" then simply tell them "NO"

-  There is no catchno sales promotionno time share presentation that you have to attend -               
    there is NO CATCH AT ALL !  We are owners and wish to extend to you a vacation to remember.        
    Why ? Because we know you will refer your friends and have an experience that most could not         
    have had otherwise.  Remember that you can always call any one of us and know that you                
    are speaking 
 directly to an owner.   
    Mark Austin  @ (860) 982-3437 or  David Charron @ (860) 982-3439.