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For all who are considering renting from Mark,

I have the utmost respect and awe for Mark Austin. Without knowing me, he went out of his way to help me.

We rented a 5-bedroom unit at Lifestyle Hacienda, Dominican Republic, from a “gentleman” in England that we found on
EBay. Our 14-person vacation went bad: 5 days before we were due to leave, the renter asked us to pay him double the
amount of the rental fee, or he would cancel our reservation. This was because he was unable to provide us with a 5
bedroom he had promised. Instead would have us stay in two 3-bedroom units. Initially, he thought this would be no
problem, but unbeknownst to him (so he said), the resort would charge him double his fee, so he would have to pass that fee
along to us. Our hearts sank. We could not afford another two thousand dollars.

Desperate, I looked on EBay to try and find someone who had other villa rentals at the same resort. I found Mark.
Immediately, I phoned him, asked him if he might have a villa for rent during the weeks we were to stay. After explaining the
entire issue to him, he advised me to sit tight, he’d see what he could do. Immediately, he directly phoned the resort and
spoke to a salesperson. He straightened out our mess with no compensation and without having set eyes on me!!!!

Mark is a shining example of “pay it forward”. For no personal gain, he helped someone he did not know. Unfortunately, that
is rare in today’s individualistic society. I do believe strongly that you will enjoy your relationship with Mark, as he has
definitively shown to be a man of character.


Becky F

The letter directly below is from the Becky while at the resort. Remember that she rented from someone else, so no Golf Cart


This is the first time I have been able to access the Internet. We have not been able to buy an orange sim card yet, and no
phone service with our Verizon phone. Have a five bedroom. VERY happy. And grateful for what you did for us. We have
no golf cart, but we walk or take the shuttle. My pregnant sister takes the shuttle. We're all fine. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky F





Thank you very much sir had a great time I'd like 2 do it again soon Sincerely

Luis V
Hi Mark

The four of us really enjoyed our stay in Puerto Plata. The penthouse was simply lovely. I would like to return again in the
future. Now, do you have others properties that you are renting., if so please let me know.
Thank you very much

Shelley M


I don't know if I ever let you know, but we had an AMAZING time in DR at your place last year. I am online right now
planning this year's trip and I came across your ad again. We are not interested in DR this year, but I just wanted to let you
know that it was an amazing trip!

Michael R


Just got back from our vacation in Puerto Plata this past weekend and wanted to drop you a quick thank you for taking care of
all the arrangements for us in the Crown Villas. We all had a wonderful time and appreciated all your time and efforts. We
ended up staying in Villa E33; so thanks especially for arranging for the golf cart for us. We had one family member with
mobility problems so it would definitely have been a issue if you had not made sure that the golf cart was taken care of for
us. Thank you again.

Thanks again for all that you did to ensure that our vacation went off without any hitches and was total enjoyment. It was an
absolute pleasure working with you.


Mark & Debbie G.

Dear Mark

My family and I just returned from a fantastic week at Lifestyle Hacienda and you were the talk of the VIP beach! There were
two couples there who had rented from you and couldn't say enough wonderful things about you! This was our second time at
LVHC and we would definitely like to talk to you about renting from you the next time that we go!

The woman that we spoke with was Gigi who said you rented her the 3 bedroom villa. (She is there for 2 weeks) and $37/day
for the all inclusive. I was wondering if you have access to the larger villas or if the 3BR is the largest. We are interested in
January of 09. We were in a 4 bedroom this time, and a 6 BR last time. Please let us know what you might have available
around this time next year, and what the cost would be.

Thank you so much! We look forward to hearing back from you!

With warmest regards


Hi Mark,

I really want to thank you for the extraordinary vacation you have extended to my family and I @ the lifestyle hacienda, It was
everything you said plus some. The VIP treatment was excellent and the entire staff really made us feel welcome. I have
already recommended you to some friends and I am sure I will rent those villas in the future again without any hesitation. Do
you have similar 3-5 bedroom villa's in other locations in the Caribbean ?? Well thanks again and like I said you will be
recommended to family and friends.

Dan O

Hi Mark,

We just returned home today from our trip to Lifestyle Hacienda. We just wanted to thank you very much for giving us a
wonderful vacation. We were treated very well by all. The villa we stayed in was great. We actually ended up purchasing a
platinum membership ourselves. But we wanted to thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have such a wonderful
time with your special VIP services.

Tara K

Mr. Austin-

Hi, my name is Tiffany G. (my husband is Greg). I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say "THANKS A MILLION" for
providing us the opportunity of a lifetime with a fabulous, affordable vacation to the Dominican Republic. We had the most
amazing time! Everything was just perfect......the weather, the villas, the service, the food, the drinks, the beach, etc!!! The
people there are so nice and they make you feel so welcome. I just can't say enough good things about our vacation to our
family and friends. It is a place that I would definitely love to go back to someday. I also wanted to thank you for being so
helpful in answering any questions that we had prior to the trip. Your help and advice was greatly appreciated.

Thanks again-

Tiffany G.

Mark -

We just returned from our trip- I just wanted to tell you how wonderful everything was- when we arrived, we were
upgraded to a 3 bedroom villa and given 2 additional hotel rooms and a golf cart... because of our contract they honored
the 30$ per night all inclusive... We were absolutely shocked at how nice everything was- we truly felt like rock stars and were
disappointed to come home to "being poor" once again (I still have my wristband on to remind me how nice being a VIP
was)... I just wanted to say thank you for everything and that's definitely times 10, as each and everyone of us had an
absolutely wonderful time! I definitely think you should put up a posting as a regular EBay post, so I can "purchase" it to
leave outstanding feedback (as there isn't any in your profile and I figure it would give many potential buyers some additional
peace of mind before buying).

Thanks Again


Mark -

We just returned from our trip- I just wanted to tell you that we had a fantastic time, truly VIP all the way. Upon arrival
"Paula" in VIP Services upgraded us to a 4 bedroom villa and gave us a golf cart without hesitation. After recognizing that
we were your "Guests", Cesar from the VIP accommodations gave us a ride to the Villa (which was amazing) and provided us
with his personal Cell-phone number for "Anything " we would like. Cesar checked on us everyday and basically fulfilled any
request from wanting limes for beer to obtaining several bottles of wine------NO CHARGE!!! One night we told Cesar that we
felt like dining in, before I knew it several chefs were at the Villa preparing an unbelievable barbecue for a very reasonable
discounted price. This trip was a perfect 10, save me a slot for next year.

Thanks Again



I just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for our vacation!! We had a blast!!! The resort was everything that you had
said and more! I am completely spoiled now!! My friends said that this was their best vacation yet. I know I will be able to
send you more vacationers because a lot of people ask me where a good place to go is and your place is #1 right now! I do
have to share with you a fun comment that I heard while we were there..... One person had asked me who we had rented
from, when I said Mark Austin she said that you were as popular at the resort as George Clooney is in the United States. :) I
could tell that you were very well respected there way before she told me that though just based on how people treated us
when your name was mentioned. Thank you again for a vacation of a life time and I look forward to working with you again
on our next vacation!!

Vicki T


I just wanted to let you know how much my family, friends, and I have enjoyed the Lifestyle Crown villas for the past two years!!!
Everyone has enjoyed it so much that we are thinking of coming again next summer (2011). For some of us this will be the 3rd time
(and we never go back to places that many times)!!!

First, I'd just like to thank you so much for being so helpful to us. You have made the planning and vacationing process a breeze!
Dealing with such a large group, I was concerned with planning these trips, but with your help it was almost effortless. From
booking the reservation to answering my MANY questions, to helping out with little glitches at the resort, you have gone above and
beyond what I would have expected from anyone. So for that we are eternally thankful.

Secondly, the resort is AMAZING!!! Each time we have rented a villa, and each time we were equally impressed. With a large group
you get worried about being crowded and getting in each others way, and at no point in our vacation did we ever feel that way. The
villas were huge and just gorgeous. When we went home and showed off our pics, no one believed that we got that whole villa to
ourselves (not to mention the pool)!!! The water there is beautiful even though it's on the Atlantic side. We went to Paradise Island
and absolutely fell in love. The staff at the resort has been nothing other than helpful (to say the least). Everyone loved us there and
treated us wonderfully. We were always greeted with warm smiles and friendly words, and by the second or third day most of the
bartenders and waiters new what we wanted and brought it out shortly after our arrival.

On the first trip the timeshare people were a little pushy, but we didn't have any issues with that the second time around! The food
was pretty good, we especially loved the Mexican and the VIP gourmet; and boy did they ever keep the drinks coming lol!!!

Lastly, the price is unbelievable. We heard of some people paying three times as much for the same accommodations and some of
them didn't even have the VIP access. This shocked our friends and family even more than the villa. No one could believe that we got
such great accommodations for the price we paid, and when we told them that was all-inclusive they really freaked out!!!
Like I said, everything about the trip was great and there is nothing that I'd do differently looking back. Thanks so much for
two years of wonderful vacationing

and I can't wait to work with you some more We're already counting down to the next vacation.

Thanks so much


PS. I've given your website to everyone that asks about the trip even to some people that we met at the resort that paid more that
us (for lesser accommodations) for the trip.


I want to send you a note of thanks for all of your assistance with our vacation. We had a great time and the villa was absolutely

Everything that was promised was delivered. We arrived on Thurs. 3/18 and waiting for us just outside of the terminal was our driver
with a sign clearly visible. Once we arrived to the resort, we were promptly greeted by a VIP representative and escorted to the
check-in counter.

Since we arrived early, our villa was not quite ready; check-in was at 3 p.m and we arrived around 2 p.m. This allowed us time to
decompress from the flight and enjoy some cocktails at the Sports Bar. We were given a tour of our villa once it was ready. The golf
cart was not ready but was told that it would be delivered or we could pick up the keys by 5 p.m. We chose to pick up the keys as
we decided to explore the resort and would not be at the villa at the time of delivery.

In our travels, we are aware that there will be and are glitches since we are in a different country and things are done differently.
Never has there been an instance in which they have been 'deal breakers'; we've always take them in stride because, after all,
we are on vacation. As was the case with our time at Lifestyles. There were a couple of glitches that I would like to make you
aware merely for informational purposes only.

Reserving dinner at the restaurants was a bit confusing. I believe it was due to us arriving on a Thursday and the restaurants'
schedules ran Saturday-Saturday. When we booked VIP Gourmet, it was for Tues of the following week; however, when the new
schedule came out, it wasn't open on Tues, only on Wed. We were able to change our reservations and enjoyed the restaurant.

When we inquired about the liquor being delivered, we were politely told that it was only for owners. We explained what we
read on your website and they agreed to deliver it to us. We were given a choice of wine, rum, and champagne and could have
a total of 3 bottles. I'm not sure if you were aware of the limited selection but thought I would mention it anyway.

Again, I bring up the above points merely as informational, nothing more and nothing less. They were very minor in nature
and did not prevent us from having a great vacation. I can honestly say that everything that you promote on your website
 is the absolute truth. The answer you provide about 'what is the catch' is 100% accurate; there is no catch. Unless you think
 that staying in a beautiful villa, having ample beverages, and having a great vacation is a 'catch'.

Thanks again Mark for your assistance. Feel free to post all or parts of this email as a testament to the accuracy of what
you promote on your site.

Mike T

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