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For the 1st time in over 15 years you will now be GUARANTEED the villa shown here.  You will know your EXACT accommodations and you get to chose the level of VIP that you want with your package from Gold VIP Bands to White VIP Bands (The HIGHEST EVER LEVEL) with access to all VIP areas on the resort.  See the comparison chart below and chose the one that suits your family needs.

This 6 Bedroom Villa has a maximum occupancy of 12 people.  Your ULTIMATE VIP package is based upon a per night price and not a per person price.  The price remains the same for 1-12 people.  The package price below shows the nightly price with a minimum of a 4 night stay.  The price will not change if you choose to stay for a shorter period of time.  Example Should you choose to stay 4 nights with the white band you would pay $1,500.00 per night x 4 nights or $6,000.00.  Should you choose to stay 3 nights with the white band then you would still pay the minimum 4 nights x $1,500.00 per night or $6,000.00 for your stay.

  Gold Black White
January $1,400.00 $1,450.00 $1,500.00
February $1,400.00 $1,450.00 $1,500.00
March $1,400.00 $1,450.00 $1,500.00
April $1,400.00 $1,450.00 $1,500.00
May $1,400.00 $1,450.00 $1,500.00
June $1,400.00 $1,450.00 $1,500.00
July $1,400.00 $1,450.00 $1,500.00
August $1,400.00 $1,450.00 $1,500.00
September $1,400.00 $1,450.00 $1,500.00
October $1,400.00 $1,450.00 $1,500.00
November $1,400.00 $1,450.00 $1,500.00
December $1,400.00 $1,450.00 $1,500.00

Should you have 12 people in your villa for one week each person will pay only $125.00 per night.  Which is $25.00 Below the current
all-inclusive if paid at the regular resort rate.  This price is based upon $1,500.00 per night / 12 people = $125.00.  Your villa is at no charge which is normally $300.00 per night.  You can actually travel with just 8 people and again your villa is virtually free based upon the current resort rate of $150.00 per adult per night.


An example of your savings:

Lets say you JUST 7 adults and you wanted to purchase a 6 bedroom villa for a 4 night stay.

Villa Price is $325.00 per night x 4 nights = $1,300.00

All-Inclusive paid to the resort $150.00 per adult per night x 7 adults = $1,200.00 per night x 4 nights or $4,200.00

2 Golf carts $100.00 for your 4 night stay

Gold Bands (White and Black are not options) $175.00 for your 4 night stay.

One BBQ $125.00 per adult x 7 adults $875.00

Covid-19 Fee $25.00 per adult (8) per night x 4 nights = $700.00

Your Total:

Villa                   $1,300.00
All Inclusive      $4,200.00
Golf Cart            $   100.00
Gold Band          $   175.00
BBQ                    $   875.00
Covid-19 Fee      $   700.00

Grand Total        $7,350.00


$1,500.00 per night for 1-12 adults x 4 nights =          $6,000.00
Covid-19 Fee $15.00 per night x 8 adults x 4 nights =
$       0.00*
Golf Cart - Included
White Bands - The best available - Included
BBQ - Included
Villa - Included

* For a limited time we are covering the cost of your Covdid-19 Fee

So with 7 people and the best bands the property offers you pay $6,000.00 for a 4 night stay vs. $7,350.00

Book your vacation now as this is a VERY LIMITED OFFER.



You will only pay to the resort upon check-in a $15.00 per person per night fee for the Covid-19 cleaning (this is a reduction of $10.00 over the current resort rate of $25.00 per person per night).

Your VIP All-Inclusive Plan included in this package price.  You are GUARANTEED this Villa.  For the 1st time you will know exactly where you will be staying and the exact size of the villa is also guaranteed.  Your complete satisfaction is always our goal.


Villa Amenities

This 6 Bedroom Villa has 3 bedrooms located inside the villa and 3 bedrooms which are accessible from the outside of the villa.

This 6 Bedroom Villa configuration has each bedroom with its own private bathroom, shower and king size bed.

This 6 Bedroom Villa is FULLY Air-Conditioned which includes all common areas along with each bedroom having it's own separate control / thermostat. 

This 6 Bedroom Villa is equipped with a Full Kitchen, Stocked Refrigerator with Soda / Beer & Water, Central Living Area, Cable Television, Telephone Service, Full Dining Room, Outdoor Deck and Patio, Outdoor Dining Table & Furniture, Outdoor Balcony, Private Pool, Private Yard with Gardens. The Entire Villa is yours for the week.  


Benefits Included with your VIP Package

VIP Restaurants Restaurant Type Gold GM Black White
    Bands Bands Bands
Aquarella *Lunch Only* Pizza, Sushi, American Fare     X
Anja's Lounge Light Far Menu   X X
Azul High End Dining   X X
Bellini Italian Cuisine X X X
Blue Lagoon Seafood and Buffet X X X
El Pilon Dominican Cuisine X X X
Indochine Asian X X X
Intimates Seafood     X X
Jazz New Orleans Inspired X X X
Moomtaz Indian Cuisine X X X
Moonlight Beach dining  X X X
Rodizio Brazilian Churrascaria X X X
Saffron * Lunch Only* Beach dining with elegance     X
Skewers** Mediterranean   X X
Tapas Lounge Spanish X X X
Trapiche Paradise Mexican Cuisine X X X
VIP Simply Gourmet Steak & Seafood X X X
** Currently Closed        
VIP Area / Beach VIP Area Description Gold GM Black White
Aquarella  High End Pool + Drinks     X
Caviar Casino Band Color Exclusive Drinks X X X
Cigar Lounge at Dome Cigar Room      X
Deja View Beach Beach with cool tub   X X
Disco Lounge at Dome 4th Floor Disco with Live Music     X
Harmony Beach Beach with Ice Cream Shop X X X
Lifestyle Beach Beach with Liams (Fast Food) X X X
NV Beach Beach with fresh Pizza X X X
Sea La Vie Beach Beach with private cabanas     X
Vienna Coffee House Specialty Coffee, Pastries   X X
VIP Beach Beach on the property X X X
VIP Pool / World VIP area with large pool X X X
VIP Ammeneties Description Gold GM Black White
Alcohol to the villa Specialty Menu to choose from   X X
BBQ (1 Time) - Dinner High end dinner at your villa   X X
Breakfast in your villa Cooked fresh daily X X X
Golf Carts - 2 MAX Included with your package   X X
Ocean World Tickets 1 Per Person (Based upon Avail) X X X
Puerto Plata Pick-Up Included with your package X X X
Santiago Pick-Up Pick-Up at No Charge (2 Vans Max)   X X

Non-motorized water sports including windsurfing, kayaks, boogie boards & snorkeling Use of fitness center.

Playa Dorada Golf Course - Special Pricing exclusive for VIP Guests

18 holes is USD$ 55 dollars + 18% Taxes + caddy fee of USD$20.

Equipment USD$25 with taxes (or of course you can also bring their own equipment) 

Round trip transportation USD$ 50.00 (concierge arranges upon request, they pay directly to the taxi)

FREE Ocean World Tickets for everyone in your reservation.  Each ticket is worth $69.00 and this benefit is exclusively provided by Your Vacation Dreams, LLC. You can visit Ocean World any (single) day you wish throughout your stay - 48 hour advance notice required.  

The resort may substitute Ocean World Tickets  for other available family options options at their discretion. There are NO GUARANTEES as to which option will be available on your trip.

Click Here for a quick link to Ocean World

You will also receive a special menu for bottles of alcohol that you can order and have delivered right to your accommodations.  The resort limits the amount of alcohol allocated per reservation. You will be given the options available to you by your dedicated VIP service representative.

Other on-site amenities include

Child Care
Exercise Equipment
Medical Facilities
Scuba Diving
Snack Bar
Children's Pool
Live Entertainment
Playground Area 
Shopping Area

Just minutes away are a variety of additional attractions and activities, including:

Horseback Riding
Ocean World Aquatic Park
Grocery Store
Jungle Excursions
White Water Rafting

Restaurants Included with your VIP Package

Specialty:  American / Seafood

A culinary experience not to be overlooked. AZUL is located on the top floor of the new Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club tower.

Dinner: 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (6:30 & 8:30 times available)
Reservations required.
Dress Code: Smart casual attire required. No shorts, flip flops, or bathing suits please.

The Blue Lagoon
Specialty:  Caribbean Food

Located directly at the Lifestyle Hacienda Resorts private beach and facing beautiful Cofresi beach. Completely remodeled 2017 During
daytime, starting at noon, the "Blue Lagoon" opens for light lunches and snacks. Fresh salads, satisfying burgers, sandwiches and even
a delicious chicken or the catch of the day from the grill are available until 6:00pm. In the evening, the "Blue Lagoon" is the perfect place
for a truly Caribbean flair.  A varied menu, based on seafood, offers fresh fish and seafood prepared with a touch of Cajun flavor and fruits
of the Caribbean. We highly recommend shrimps Al Fuego style (spicy) and sea-brass rolls infused with passion fruit. You can also ask
for our fish and seafood barbecue and other Creole specialties

Casablanca - Buffet Style Restaurant
Specialty:  International &Theme Buffets

Our International buffet style breakfast offers 18 different warm choices plus fruits and fresh seasonal juices, cereals and breads.  Try or
request different combinations of fruit juices and milk shakes prepared at the Juice Bar. The Chef will be happy to personally prepare
your favorite style egg breakfast with your choice of ingredients.

The noon buffet offers a large selection of salads, meats, vegetables and international dishes to choose from.  At the pasta corner you
can order your favorite pasta with your favorite sauce cooked a la minute. Our chefs can also prepare delicious quarter pound hamburgers,
fish, chicken or meats cooked to your taste. There is also a sandwich bar and wonderful array of delectable desserts.
We have 14 different international buffets where you can enjoy a gastronomical journey through France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and not
forgetting the exotic food of the Dominican Republic.  Each dish is prepared with the finest imported ingredients. Friday nights,
Casablanca prepares its Gala Buffet which offers the most delicious selection of dishes, in a distinguished ambiance where you can
enjoy and taste our creative cuisine.

Specialty: Asian Fusion Cuisine

You don't need to go to the enigmatic Far East to savor its gastronomical delights. In our restaurant "Indochine" we offer  Chinese,
Japanese and Indian specialties. Here we present a delicious selection of flavors and ingredients with fresh shellfish  combinations,
the famous Sushi, spicy Curries and our Chinese pasta-and-rice station where you can personally choose your  preferred ingredients
for your dish preparation.

Trapiche Paradise
Specialty: Mexican

The outstanding fusion of these two cultures has created the Trapiche Paradise  cuisine. Here you can find the famous Fajita, specially
made with strips of beef, pork, chicken or seafood, combined with bell peppers, onions and tomatoes, all cooked on charcoal grill and
infused with the tantalizing flavor of "Mesquite" (an aromatic desert tree). We also offer a wide variety of delicious Burritos, specially made
with your choice of meat or seafood seasoned with only the best array of Mexican spices and sauces, all served on wheat-tacos.
We also recommend the grilled to perfection BBQ Pork  with a touch of guava flavor.

Bellini - Pizza & Pasta
Specialty:  Italian Cuisine

For those who love the taste of Italian food, we offer a wide variety of mouthwatering pizzas and pastas made from the traditional recipes
of Italy. That's amore! Italian pizzas are specially prepared just for you right before your eyes, with Pomodoro sauce, and Mozzarella
cheese, all combined with the meats and vegetables of your choice. Our homemade pasta is freshly pressed and cut daily, served with
traditional Italian sauces and famous cold meats imported from Italy. So we can prepare for you only the best Bellisimas recipes.

The VIP GOURMET - Member's Exclusive
Specialty: New World Cuisine

Lifestyle's members can enjoy this sophisticated a-la-carte restaurant, located at the VIP Court.  You may choose to dine "al fresco"
at our open-air terrace or at the indoors intimacy. During the day, starting at noon, the VIP Gourmet opens for light lunches and snacks.
Fresh salads, satisfying burgers, creative sandwiches and even a delicious chicken or the "catch of the day" from the grill are available
until 6:00pm.

In the evening, the VIP Gourmet is the perfect setting for a perfect night. Every evening, a varied six course theme menu offers the finest
dishes from Europe, the Far East, to the Caribbean with a white-glove service. Dessert of course is flambé in front of you.


Located at Cofresi Palm are the following restaurants that are included with your stay.


Specialty: Brazilian Churrascaria 

A Brazilian style Churrascaria that offers an extensive selection of BBQ meats that are grilled and served in the traditional Brazilian
country style.

El Pilón 
Specialty: Authentic Dominican Cuisine

A Dominican style restaurant where you can experience local Dominican Cuisine prepared by some of the best Dominican chefs.  Experience
true local flavor in a restaurant setting by the beach. Dominican Republic cuisine is predominantly made up of a combination of Taino,
Spanish and African influences over the last few centuries.

Specialty: Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine consists of a diverse mixture of flavors and tastes that reflect the local Indian cultures. Indian cooking revolves around the
appropriate blend and use of a wide variety of aromatic spices.  Take a taste of fine Indian cuisine without ever leaving the
Dominican Republic.

The Pearl
Specialty: International Buffet

Our International buffet style breakfast offers different warm choices plus fruits and fresh seasonal juices, cereals and breads.   The Chef
will be happy to personally prepare your favorite style egg breakfast with your choice of ingredients.

The noon buffet offers a large selection of salads, meats, vegetables and international dishes to choose from.  

international buffets where you can enjoy a gastronomical journey through France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and not forgetting the exotic
food of the Dominican Republic.  Each dish is prepared with the finest imported ingredients. 

Method of Payments

Payments Accepted PayPal, MasterCard & Visa thru PayPal, Personal Check and Cashiers  Check.  PayPal address is maustin@sci-ac.com

Trip Protection Available

Trip protection will be offered to you as an optional benefit (conditional that your reservation qualifies) for your complete satisfaction.  Trip 
protection will help protect you in the event of an emergency or something as simple as a date  changes.  Trip protection is completely

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